The Point Of Sale:

The point of sale screen has the following features:

  • Easy to learn – You do not have to send your staff out for expensive training.
  • Flexible – Handles any combination of discounts, taxes, returns, credits and sale specials in one easy transaction.
  • Automatic – Applies automatic discounts or preferred price levels to special customers.
  • Rewarding – Helps your staff to practice suggestion selling and tracks their sales commissions.
  • Accommodating – If something is not in stock you can send a customer order to the purchase order system.
  • Secure – You control who can see the profit margins and stock counts.
  • Customer-oriented – Lets you reward your best customers with a bonus points program.
  • Versatile – Prints sales slips, price quotes, packing slips and account invoices.
  • Modern – Works with all the modern retail devices including bar code, customer display, cash drawer, bar-coded scales, a two-color receipt printer and runs on any network.


The Client Database

A client database contains your customer’s names, addresses and purchase histories. It keeps useful information about each customer that can help you with marketing and sales management. Some features of the client database are:

  • Fast – Lets you find a customer fast using a name, phone number, or a point-and-shoot pick list.
  • Informative – Shows you who bought what, when, for how much, how they paid, and who sold it to them.
  • Complete – Lets you keep notes on individual customers and even a photo if you wish.
  • Accurate – Creates accurately targeted mailing lists for special promotions or even product recalls.

Attracting a new customer costs much more than keeping an old one. This is why POS is geared towards improving customer relations. Mailings can be targeted using any aspect of the customer’s purchase history which generates a much larger response than non-targeted mailings. There are many ways you can use the system’s customer data to increase sales volume. In addition to the purchase history client database can also include memos for recording of any key information about a customer.


Inventory Control / Purchase Orders

Good inventory control means balancing the expectations of your customers and your bankers, so you must avoid being either under-stocked or over-stocked. Here are some inventory control features:

  • Flexible – Auto-generate purchase orders using a variety of calculation methods.
  • Current – Get up-to-the-minute reports for sales, inventory, low stock, over stock, and on-order items.
  • Precise – Read data from a portable stock counting device.
  • In Control – Do on-screen preview and editing of purchase orders.
  • Fine Tuned – Consider base stock, re-order points, re-order quantities and sales performance when calculating orders.
  • Focused – Limit any report to selected items, suppliers or departments.

The inventory system includes a wide selection of processes from receiving & transferring stock to importing & exporting stock data. The system also uses the internet to transmit inventory adds & changes, sales logs and stock levels between stores or to and from head office.


WithPOS you can choose to use the built-in accounts receivable system or transfer all you open invoices to QuickBooks. The built-in invoicing system has:

  • Fast payment and reprinting options.
  • Client oriented displays
  • Monthly statements and late charges.
  • Option to open the invoice database in MS-Excel.
  • A screen for reviewing any client’s invoices in QuickBooks and making payments on them.



Well designed reports can reveal some surprises about the nature of your business. Examples include:

  • A selection of weekly, monthly and quarterly sales reports including top sellers.
  • A selection of inventory reports including over-stock, under-stock, audit and shrinkage.
  • Options to focus any report on selected items, suppliers, department or code range.
  • History of daily sales and POS totals.
  • Option to subtotal reports by department.
  • Catalog style output with product description, stock numbers, and prices.
  • Export of sales data to a spreadsheet program for further analysis.
  • And we are providing a variety of reports as per requirement of client.

Convenience Features

The goal of retail management software is to let you concentrate on your sales and customers, not on your computer. The convenience features in POS are:

  • Extensive use of pick lists for finding items, invoices or clients (including client lookup by name, company phone number or customer number).
  • Help screens free of computer jargon, available at the push of a button.
  • Support for multiple locations – and stock transfers between locations.
  • Sales tracking by product, department and client.
  • Comparative sales histories.
  • Price quotes that can be recalled and processed as sales.
  • Multiple points-of-sale without a network.
  • Import inventory from other databases.
  • Store all data in a common file format for access by other programs.
  • Stock code duplication check.
  • POS screen can display the all-time total spent by a client.

Security Features

Security refers to two different things:

1 – The ability to limit access to information or program functions. This is used to make sure that staff cannot make unauthorized transactions or see confidential information. Each employee is assigned a password to determine their access level.

Some of the POS password features are:

  • Passwords determine the functions a person can use.
  • All sales transactions are logged with the date, time and name of the sales person.
  • Optional requirement for a manager’s password before the system will void a sale.
  • A training mode, in which all POS functions can be used with password, but no data are saved.
  • Password prompts that can be turned off. If you don’t need passwords, you shouldn’t be forced to use them.

2 – The ability to roll back (restore) your data to a previously saved version. This is used to undo the results of serious errors. For example, say you delete twenty invoices and then discover that they were the wrong twenty. Everyone who works with computers has days like that (bar none). An easy way out can avoid big headaches.

The POS rollback features are:

  • Selective roll back – the user can choose sales, inventory, client or invoice data.
  • Selective or batch backup – back up selected files or do them all in a at once.
  • Automatic warning if your disk space runs low.


  Content Management Services

Content Management Systems are becoming very popular and we at TariSoft know from experience that some websites need content updating on a more regular basis than others. Our web based Content Management Solution will allow you to alter the content on your website at will, so you take complete control of your own site and design your own website pages.

What do we mean by Content Management?

In a nutshell we can create a web design for your internet business that allows you to update the pages of your website whenever you feel like it. You are in complete control of the contents on your website and can manage the contents on your web pages. There will be no need to ask your web designer to update or amend any of your text or images, you can do it yourself!

The best thing about TariSoft services is that it is ideal for ‘non-technically minded’ users. The only requirement is the knowledge to use Microsoft Word. There is no limit on how many times you update your site, our software is database driven and has a reliable MYSQL or MSSQL database depending on the development architecture, making it an ideal long term solution.

Salient features 

  • Word style interface
  • Add, edit and delete web pages
  • Add, edit and delete images
  • Updates are live
  • Keep your content fresh
  • Search Engine friendly code
  • Database driven
  • Value for money

Media Streaming Services

Digital media by us can now be delivered using industry standard servers, combining the power of audio and video with the reach of IP networks. Corporations can use the Internet, their intranet investments, and existing IT infrastructure to more effectively communicate to their employees, thus reaching larger audiences more quickly at lower cost.

The benefits of using Media Streaming Services for organizational communications are

  • Increased reach by delivering content directly to individual students desktops or mobile computers
  • Measurable results by tracking and monitoring the delivery of communication
  • Consistent messaging by delivering the same audio and video content across the campuses
  • Increased comprehension because audio and video presentations are often more engaging than printed materials or static Web sites

SMS Broadcast Service

SMS broadcast portal of TariSoft is a web based application facilitating clients with requirements of sending bulk broadcast to their customers / clients as promotional activity. Bulk messages can be sent to all networks in Pakistan. It allows clients to send text-based Short Messages in bulk from the Internet to multiple mobile subscribers by logging on to a URL using the assigned Username and Password.  The client is able to initiate the message submission as well as carry out self administration via the user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Salient features

  • An account will be allocated to the client with a username and password for authentication purpose
  • The client can access to the service via the web browser by logging in to a given URL using the username and password allocated.
  • The Web-based client is able to access to the server via the Internet using a given URL
  • The client can submit the desired text message via the web-based client to the SMS broadcast portal which then submit the message for onwards delivery


  • Announce new products and special offers
  • Inform employees in emergencies
  • Relay urgent messages
  • Streamline logistics for support staff
  • Remind your customers of appointments or overdue accounts
  • Notify your customers of item availability or special offers
  • Promote your latest special offer or new products/services
  • Send confirmations by SMS

Paper Verifier

Paper Verifier is a software solution for collecting data on plain paper forms from tests and surveys, forms commonly includes entry test examinations, surveys, tests, research studies, evaluation and many others. It works with imaging equipment such as document image scanner, digital camera there is no need to purchase dedicated and expensive OMR readers. It supports tests with single choice questions and multiple choice questions.

This system will issue an admit card at the time of enrollment which can later be used for automatic form identification using the hash-coded secure barcode printed on the admit card which can be easily read by any available barcode reader in market. Moreover, data can be exported to any spreadsheet, database, or statistical package via one of the following data file formats. It can also calculate statistical data including: average, highest score, lowest score, total scores of all test takers, amount of factual test takers, the amount of test takers in each letter grade, amount of passed test takers, rate of test takers in each letter grade and pass rate, band score, question number with incorrect responses, factual question score for each test taker, score percentage for each question, etc 

Salient features 

  • Works with imaging equipment such as document image scanner, PC camera/web camera, digital camera, there is no need to purchase dedicated and expensive OMR reader
  • Provides many forms from which to choose and print on plain paper, no need to purchase pre-printed OMR forms
  • Supports tests with single choice questions and multiple choice questions
  • Supports three standards for evaluation for multiple choice questions
  • Calculates statistics including: average, highest score, lowest score, total scores of all test takers, amount of factual test takers, the amount of test takers in each letter grade, amount of passed test takers, rate of test takers in each letter grade and pass rate, band score, question number with incorrect responses, factual question score for each test takers, score percentage for each question, etc
  • Supports statistic for test with subjective questions
  • Easy-to-use exception correction facility
  • Reads image files (JPEG, BMP)
  • Automatic form identification
  • Database verification
  • Grades tests, tallies and surveys, data can be exported to Excel or Word format


Logistics Control system:

The software has has great ability to pick up even the minute detail of their employees performance. For example user can locate the perfomance of a driver /vehicle  like fuel consumption, oil changing, toll tax, monthly repair, tyre purchase, etc. Thus software can make very easy to keep a check and balance.

Company can also manage its accounts and cost control through this software . Just make one click to know each and every detail of profit/loss.

Every user can check  the individual vehicle  detail as how much benificial for the company. System has also provided the facility to maintain cash flow and budgeting. 

Maintenance system:

According to company policy maintenance system shows pop ups and reports

e.g     Oil Change due on vehicle no………..

Tyre change due on vehicle no………..

A  Request for changing battery is not valid etc

Capitalize high cost addition or modification in vehicles.

Accounts Management system:

Chart of Accounts:

An account is a device which contains a systematic record of increase or decrease in an item during a particular period, for example for as  Transport company  is concerned, each account is recognized by a unique account number, title and nature. Chart of accounts contains details of each account. On basis of this chart, system identifies the accounts and their nature and automatically posts into respective account.

Accounting Cycle:

When a transaction occurs, it is recorded in various books and statements. The order of recording these transactions is called as “Accounting Cycle”. As the various records are completed one after about in a proper specified sequence, every step of recording is called a phase of accounting cycle. The various phases of accounting cycle are shown is the following diagram.


  • Journal:
    • When any transaction takes place, it is recorded in a book called as journal, at the time of its occurrence. It is also called day book. Our system includes journal, ledger, trial balance, profit and loss statements and balance sheet.
  • Ledger
    • From journal, transaction is posted to another book, called as ledger. In this book, the entries are classified under various heads of accounts. The ledger is balanced at frequent intervals. The recording of transaction into ledger is called second phase of accounting cycle. System recognizes the proper account using chart of account and concerned journal and auto posts into the respective ledger.
  • Trial Balance
    • The balance taken from ledger is written into a two columns statement called trial balance. The trial balance is prepared to prove the accuracy of the record.
  • Work Sheet 
    • After adjusting entries the work sheet is prepared to incorporate and assemble the balance from trial balance and adjustments. The statement where this word is done is called work sheet.
  • Financial Statements
    • This implies the preparation of income statement and balance sheet at the end of every accounting period to know the net earning and financial position of the business. The financial statements are usually prepared from work sheet.
  • Balance Sheet
    • The system automatically generates the balance sheet from posted transactions.


    1. employees Record
    2. Attendance record system
    3. Leave/ short leave information system
    4. Recruitement system
    5. Auto payroll generation from attendance record
    6. And a lot of interactive reporting in HR system


Purchase Control System:

        1. Auto raise request slip
        2. Manual enter request slip
        3. cost estimation
        4. comparitive statment
        5. purchase orders
        6. status of procurement

Inventory Control System:

inventory  control system is one of the best solution which covers inward, outward, return outward

vouchers and provide more than 50 types of reports

  1. store ledgers
  2. store general ledgers
  3. store short stock report
  4. store rejection report
  5. slow moving items
  6. fast moving items
  7. stock closing report
  8. costing ledgers
  9. suppliers ledgers

10)vehicle consumption ledgers

our inventory system can tell in one click that how much stock is availble with in the premises of company and also tell the cost of all inventories.


Society and Plot Management  system:

Salient Features:

Customer Registration

Nominee record

Installment record

Application record in case non payment of dues

Status of application e.g approve , not approve, pending

According to company policy defaulter list

Auto creation of warning letters

Registary system

Banks statements

Profit and loss account And a lot multiple  reporting in this software

Electoral Management System: 

A unique software developed by TariSoft is running in Faisal Iqbal office .

It is very effective Electoral list generating software that helps the client to have a bird’s eye view upon all ongoing activities during elections.

Voter can be easily located through many available options i-e by name,by by father name ,id card , by street , or by sector

Salient Features:

New Voter registration

Editing in case of shifting home or in any case

Addition or editing of “INTAKHABI NISHAN”

Generate sperate lists of women and man

Generate provinsial lists

Auto generation of slips for distribution in homes .

Case Study :  A person is  standing infront of terminal and inquires his  and his family votes and poling station.

Deo will ask tell me your family no , then he enters family no a list will generate containg all information that will help him and his all family members to poll the  vote.

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